Replacement Electrode Kit

Replacement Electrode Kit


Helping to save valuable time in the event of an emergency, these LIFEPAK CR2 replacement electrode pads are suitable for both adult and paediatric use. The defibrillator features a patient mode switch, allowing the same pre-connected pads to be used to provide both standard adult and lower energy infant/child treatment. Unlike other brands, the dual use electrodes do not need to be used in conjunction with a paediatric key.

  • For use with all LIFEPAK CR2 models
  • Supplied as a pair in a sealed pack
  • 4 year Electrode Pad Lifespan
  • Can be pre-connected to the defibrillator for quick use
  • Keep as a spare pack or to replace pads that have been used
  • Suitable for both adult and paediatric treatment
  • Patient mode switch on the defibrillator changes the treatment level without needing specialist pads or an infant/child key 

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